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  The jasmine tent

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                                                       Rafif and Marese

In The Jasmine Tent, women of all backgrounds are protected in a safe zone, designed by women to meet the needs of women.

​Each jasmine Tent will offer:

  • A safe haven for women
  • Psychosocial support
  • Life and vocational skills training
  • Library
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Feminine care products

For the overwhelming majority of the opposition to the Assad regime, freedom, dignity, and democracy are still the goals of the Syrian revolution. FREE-Syria is working harder than ever to support the Syrian people in their quest for a better life. However, the Assad regime’s violence against civilians continues to escalate, creating greater need for support to those suffering, displaced, injured, and grieving. Today more than ever before, the news and social media sites are full of stories about gang rapes, sexualized torture, and previously unimaginable horrors targeting women.

In The Jasmine Tent, women of all backgrounds are protected in a safe zone, designed by women to meet the needs of women. The Jasmine Tent is where women go to heal their physical and emotional wounds, learn new skills, obtain financial and emotional support, or just talk to someone who knows what they are going through and how to move forward. In The Jasmine Tent, women are not merely victims of a brutal dictatorship – they are women who are taking a brave first step towards their own empowerment.

The Syrian women we work with have not lost their resolve, their strength, or their courage. Their faith in what they are fighting for and the courage of their convictions grow every day. They are our sisters in revolution, and we are proud to work with them as we all heal a family, a community, a society, and a nation.

FREE-Syria will open the first Jasmine Tent at Atmeh Camp in Idlib, with plans to create additional safe zones in additional governorates across Syria.