Past Projects

Education and Civil Society Projects

  • CUT Academy in Gaziantep, Turkey to offer young Syrian activists the opportunity to take drama and acting classes.
  • i-Learn schools: in collaboration with the LCC, development of four schools in Rif Dimashq to enable children to return to school for education, safety, and psychosocial healing so that they can bring a brighter future to Syria.

Humanitarian Projects

    Hospital and rehabilitation center in Aleppo to treat the injured.
    Infant formula to Idlib, Food Baskets in Deir Ezzor, and Aleppo Crisis Fund to help alleviate cases of starvation.
    Fuel supply: We supplied a bakery in Kafar Zeita with the diesel fuel needed to run the commercial bread oven, assisting 270 families for a month.

Community Projects

  • Santa’s in the House! This project gave Syrian children an opportunity to smile at Christmas. Our volunteer visited a refugee camp in Lebanon, wearing a Santa suit, and delivered presents with a hearty Ho! Ho! Ho!
  • Gift of Giving: his project provided a glimpse of Ramadan’s joys to those deprived of them by providing Iftar meals to feed the hungry.
  • Women helping Women: FREE-Syria developed a network of women activists across Syria to assess local needs, deliver supplies, and follow up on the conditions of families we are supporting. We delivered $4,000 to the Hama countryside to purchase heating fuel and food for local residents.