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What’s it like to arrive in America with little to no language skills? Remember when you first got your driver’s licence? These are just a few of the issues Syrian refugees face when they arrive to the United States. We’re working with refugee families – adults and children alike – in the Washington Metro area as they begin to assimilate and become productive members of American society. Interested in helping? Send us your resume at

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Marese Hagarty
Irish Liaison

I am a community development worker and facilitator based in Dublin, Ireland, with a special interest in promoting the integration of migrant and refugee women.

From the start of the uprising in Syria I have been actively working to raise awareness about the crimes against the civilian population, particularly those carried out by the Assad regime and its allies.I am a founder member of the Irish Syria Solidarity Movement.

In 2013 I met Rafif Jouejati when she came to speak in Dublin with the  Joint Foreign Affairs Committee of the Irish Government, and since then have supported  FREE-Syria, by engaging in  initiatives to support Syrian women, and fund-raising for humanitarian relief.

Marie-Christine Anastasi

I’ve been working with several Syrian families, who are resettling in Riverdale, Maryland with ESL and basic literacy through weekly home visits and English language lessons. For each individual family, I assess their language needs and design lessons to strengthen their skills in conversational English, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary for job-readiness.

I am helping to coordinate ESL tutoring for newly arriving Syrian families sponsored by the Free-Syria Foundation by matching families with tutors. Prior to working with the Free-Syria Foundation, I spent over 16 years working on international development programs to support vulnerable children and families, both as a contractor for the United States Government’s Agency for International Development (USAID), and as a Technical Advisor for several International Nongovernmental Organizations (NGO’s).

In working with FREE-Syria on refugee resettlement, I love that we’re focused on the families’ needs and treating each member of the family as an individual. That helps us to match volunteers with individual needs. It’s so rewarding and I thank you for the opportunity.