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The Freedom Charter project offered Syrians of all social, economic, political, religious, and ethnic backgrounds an opportunity to state their opinions on what they want.

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Other impacts of this project include:
  • Syrians who agree with the Freedom Charter can sign it, thereby increasing the credibility and legitimacy of the document, and ultimately exerting more influence on governance bodies to implement desired changes in the Syrian Constitution.
  • Individuals will be empowered because for the first time, they have a platform from which to speak their minds and made their desires known.
  • Communities will rally behind efforts to ensure that their demands are heard.
  • Syrians of all backgrounds will have the opportunity to participate in a positive, forward-looking initiative in the midst of a terrible humanitarian and political tragedy.
  • Syrian refugees and expatriates will become familiar with the Freedom Charter and how it can help Syria in its transition to democratic governance.

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Given the systematic breakdown of society caused by the current political and security situation, the Freedom Charter offered an unprecedented opportunity for average Syrians to begin thinking in terms of positive outcomes. The Freedom Charter offered Syrians a platform to develop a more positive national dialogue and begin the process of national healing.

With the media's over-focus on Assad and extremist groups, millions of Syrian civilians are overlooked. We aim to give a voice to those who call for a new chapter in Syrian history; one that is inclusive and represents the true will of the Syrian people. With 1 million or more signatures, the will of the Syrian people can no longer be ignored or marginalized.

Part One: An Invitation to Dream

For more than 4 years, Syrians have taken to the streets in both nonviolent and armed resistance to state what they do NOT want. Additionally, the Syrian opposition, which formed at the start of the uprising, has largely failed to represent Syrians or to state what they want in the post-Assad era. When asking Syrians what they mean by the revolution’s slogan of “freedom, dignity, and democracy,” one often receives multiple answers. Silent Syrians known as “fence-sitters” have yet to weigh in on their vision of Syria. Given the pace and evolving nature of the Syrian revolution, we know that the collapse of the Assad regime is inevitable; however, “fence-sitters” must be allowed to voice their concerns and state their desires for a future Syria.

To reconcile Syrians lack of representation, give them a platform to share what they DO want, and create a common vision of a democratic, free Syria, we created the Freedom Charter project. During the course of 1 year,in partnership with the Local Coordination Committees in Syria, we surveyed 50,333 Syrians, both inside and outside Syria. The subsequent analysis highlighted the rights and freedoms that the Syrian people demand, and the Freedom Charter provides the future leadership – regardless of who or what it is – with key tenets to include in their plans to lead the country during the transition period.

Part Two: 1 Million 1 Year

At this time, FREE-Syria seeks to extend the work of the original Freedom Charter project. We intend to increase awareness and understanding of the Freedom Charter in Syrian communities all over the world, and foster acceptance of the main principles laid out in the document.

We will  accomplish this through presentations to communities, families, and individuals throughout Syria. In addition, we will engage expatriate communities around the world and leverage social media. With proper funding from a variety of organizations, governments, and committed individuals, we will obtain 1,000,000 signatures. Ultimately, we hope to generate enough support that the Freedom Charter will be incorporated in the Constitution of post-conflict Syria.

The extension project will enable Syrians to freely express how they see the future of their country. By implementing this project, Syrians around the world will experience or witness the previously unknown: the ability to state their demands of their government.

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English freedom charter Report

"We asked a man 'Will you please give us your opinion?'

He asked, 'Why?'

We said, 'Because you are a Syrian citizen.'

He said, 'Finally someone considers me a Syrian with a legitimate voice."

- Report from a regional collection leader

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