“Eventually, Syrians will be free. And then we’ll rebuild the country and our society to reflect the revolution’s goals: freedom, dignity, and equality for all Syrians in a post-Assad Syria.” 

– Salwa Dakheel & Rafif Jouejati, Co-Founders

The Foundation to Restore Equality and Education in Syria (FREE-Syria) promotes civil society and humanitarian work in Syria. Our initiatives offer educational opportunities and promote civil society initiatives throughout the country.

An Amnesty International UK and FREE-Syria organised event in London on May 19 2015.
Guest speaker was Rafif Jouejati – Director, Foundation to Restore Equality and Education in Syria (@RafifJ).
The event was chaired by Kristyan Benedict, Amnesty International UK Campaigns Manager (@KreaseChan)


The Syrian Freedom Charter

In 2014, FREE-Syria and the Local Coordination Committees in Syria (LCC) launched the Freedom Charter Project – a survey of more than 50,000 Syrians in all 14 and refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. This work, the most comprehensive effort of its kind, represents the hopes and aspirations of the Syrian people.

Al-Salam School

In partnership with Aid All Syrians, FREE-Syria supports Al-Salam school in Kafar Ruma, Idlib. This elementary school, built by our team from the ground up, gives more than 500 students the opportunity to attend school on a daily basis. The school also empowers the local community by offering employment opportunities in construction, maintenance and operations, teaching, and security.

Maternity Clinic

Also in partnership with Aid All Syrians, FREE-Syria supports a maternity clinic in Kafar Ruma, Idlib. The clinic continues to flourish and serves 25-35 women daily. In addition to offering maternity-related medical services, the clinic offers free classes in first aid and emergency medical treatment.

Syrian Refugees

More than half of Syria’s population is now displaced, whether internally or as refugees abroad. FREE-Syria has created a support network for refugees arriving in the United States. Our program assists Syrian refugees in acclimatizing, finding stability and security, and giving back to the communities that have received them. We cannot end the day-to-day suffering of all Syrians, but with your help, we can provide assistance and hope to a few people at a time.

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